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Portable Hoist, Portable Winch, - Features

             -< CE & NT Mark obtained >-
         Multipurpose & Portable Winch !   -< Patented ! >-    


    All new gear reducer and
   pulley system with automatic
    load-holding brake function !

             Infinite working length !
    Unlimited Working Conditions & Directions !

       (Vertical / Horizontal / Slant) 

  -- All New, Powerful, Portable Winch! --   -< Pulley-Man >- (CSW-3060)
--Weighs only 3.5 kgs! Super Light!--
   - Lifting Capacity 600 kg 
- Pulling Capacity 3000 kg

   Pulley-Man is composed of a patented
   gear reducer and pulley system with a    trouble-free automatic brake-holding
   funtion invented first time in the World
   to guarantee infinite working distance
   and unlimited working directions.

   Why do people say that Pulley-Man is an economical and useful  tool for all
                             rather than just an industrial equipment ?
Pulley-Man can do many jobs in any 360 deg. rotating direction that you want and Pulley-Man itself
     can move along a fixed wire, being the first in the World to do so. These are the World-first functions
     by the all new invented gearing and pulley system (patented!).   This new pulley theory overcame the      limitation of the brake and friction forces, which are the main causes of wire alippage of conventioal
     pulley systems; therefore we don't have to worry about mechanical & brake troubles.
     Furthermore, the main features of Pulley-Man such as its light weight, compactness, simple structure,      inexpense, convenience and multi-functions broaden its product conceipt from one of only industrial
     equipment to a useful tool for all like screwdrivers and hand drills.  As the result, Pulley-man,
     CSW-3060 can be used more closely at home as well as at the industrial sites.   
 -< Features >-
- Trouble free brake system (All New Tech!)
    - Unlimited working distance & conditions (All new tech!)
    - Compact and light (3.5 kg)
    - Easy installation and dismantling just by hooking and unhooking.
    - Horizontal / Vertical / Slant working conditions by fixed mainbody or fixed wire hook method.
    - Conveyance:-
          Fixed wire & moving Pulley-Man
          Fixed Pulley-Man & moving wire.
    - Power options :- AC 220V / DC 12V, Air Motor, Hand Drill, Cordless Drive-Drill, Engine.

* Light Weight & Compact
 * Multi-purpose
* Low Price
* Easy Insatallation
and Dismantling 

Standard Model
: CSW-3060
( with Sheave &
Double Connector )

Accessories (Options)
- Hand Drill
- Cordless Drive Drill
- DC Motor


         Standard Specification

 Loading  Capacity

 of falls 

Lifting Capacity

Pulling with roller on plane surfaces

6 deg

12 deg

16 deg

27 deg

35 deg

Single line

300 kg






Double line

600 kg






Working Distance

 бя <Unlimited>(as much as wire rope length used)

Line Speed

Single line

          10.3 (No Load)    3.75 (Full Load)

Double line

           5.1 (No Load)     1.85 (Full Load)

 Net Weight (kg)


Wire Rope

Dia. (mm)

Dia.4.76 Aircraft Galvanized Steel Wire Rope(7x19)

Stanard Spec.

    Wire Rope 12m with Hook, Hook Socket
      and End Stopper



  Double   Line  


  Double Line Hook Cover & Sheave

 Weight (kg)



          Options (Accessories)

  Power   Source

  Hand Drill

 220Vx1ик, 550w, 3000rpm(Max.), Reversible

 Cordless Drive Drill

 3/8"(10mm), 12/9.6VDC,
 Max.Torque:over 230 lbs.-in., Reversible

  DC Motor

  DC 12V, 3000rpm(Max.)

Lay-Out Dimensions

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